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Acoustic Guitar chords in Reason?

First off, I'm a new user of Reason (2.5), and I just began teaching myself a couple of instruments as well, so, as a musician, I actually was just born yesterday, so, in light of that...

How do you program acoustic guitar chords in Reason? What I've done is, in NNXT, just layered some acoustic guitar samples, each one being the note of a chord. I get them to play at once, but I don't get that "strum" of an acoustic playing a chord.

I'd love to be able to recreate that. Is it possible? Do I just need to use chord samples?

Enlighten me, please!

By the way, as I preach to the converted, this here Reason is a marvelously elegant piece of software--one of the three best apps I've yet worked with. I yearn to master it! AaaH!


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