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What is your degree of success?

I am interested in what degree of success you folks have had, in getting CDs out, doing shows, or just plain getting people to listen to your tracks? Any interesting stories, or advice? I know it is a tough job to actually sell CDs these days. And obviously, the level of "success" is open to ones interpretation because some of us view that word in whole different contexts... 5,000 sales to one person might be depressing, while to another, it would be amazing.

Personally, all I have ever done is release music on the internet, as well as providing free copies of my CD to friends, and have gone as far as house parties. I only ever sent out one demo, back when I made Trip Hop style stuff, but I never expected a response... and did not get one! I guess you have to have lots of buzz around your name these days to even get considered for a deal. Record producers are probably more interested in a "Britney Spears" marketing deal than some electronic musician who MIGHT sell a "mere" 10,000 CDs... Yet, there are some amazing smaller labels out there who have many talented artists, Ninja Tune for example. (or is Ninja considered a "smaller label" anymore?)

Anyone here start a label? Do a show every now and then? Spread your music beyond your studio and your electronic musician peers? I'd be interested to hear what kind of success you've been having, as I'm sure we all would...

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