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Hi ppl,

i was on reason last night, using a bass line which I recorded from my elec guitar, then loaded into a sampler. The bass line is quite well known, but I made up the tune myself..its only a sample of the whole song and might not sound too good. oh ye im quite pleased with the redrum sequence I made myself to go with it. its sounds great when I just play the drum part and the bass guitar part whilst I just play the tune with my amp. u gotta be hear to hear it prolly, but ye. click below to download it.

the other ones some alien theme tune i made for a game my brother is programming in dark basic (anyone heard of that?), anyway the game is for a competition which he has quite a gd chance of winning i think. listen and give me feedbk, all type of feedbk appreciated!


-alien theme:'s the guitar tune...URL of the other tune is in message!

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