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Old 2003-12-23, 04:13
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wiiiiiiiide synth chords

anyone have tips for creating lush and wide (stereo) chords using the subtractor?

i usually use three subtractors. i create the "core" of the sound with one which i keep centered, and then i duplicate that synth (and associated recorded midi parts) twice, panning one hard right and the other hard left. i then make some minor tweaks to the oscillators and/or other aspects of the sound on each of the left/right subtractors so that they aren't identical to the centered sound.

using this technique i still am not able to create the kind of stereo spread i'm looking for... so, does anyone have any tips for creating a really wide synth sound using multiple subs? it's not a major problem or anything, but compared to some of the very wide synth samples i have in some of my refills for the NNXT, i can't seem to get the same kind of effect.


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