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Old 2003-12-23, 12:59
warmaudio warmaudio is offline
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Is .CDA 16Bit/44.1Khz or can it be higher?

Is .CDA 16Bit/44.1Khz or can it be higher? I hear of people using mega high resoloution & sample rates but, (pardon my lack of knowledge in this subject) Do CD players only read audio at 16Bit/44.1 Khz or are there CD Players out there that read higher? I understand that recording audio at 96Khz is a good thing but when you export a finished track as a .wav or .aiff at, lets say 24bit/96khz, does this stay the same when you burn it to CD, you know, Standard Audio CD, .CDA?

This has only just begun to bug me in that i am not sure, can anyone answer this and stop me being bugged. Thanks for any help!

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