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Old 2003-12-24, 00:18
harelba harelba is offline
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Unlimited Undo !!! and Better Wiring options

Come on.... 10 steps back is hardly enough... If Sonic Foundry can make it with huge wave files, u can do it better.

And a few things about wiring :

1. Right-Click, Mixer on audio outs should provide not only the channel number, but also the name of the channel on the mixer.

2. Channel naming on the mixer should have an option to do a "back-trace". Meaning skipping all the insert effects on the way and naming the channel with the name of the first sound Generator on the audio path. For example, Subtractor connected to Scream to Delay to Mixer - The Mixer channel should be able to show the name of the Subtractor device.

3. Unhide cables option - Should have an option to hide only one audio or CV path from a specific device, to prevent clutter and to check your wiring...

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