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Yes, I really want to delete it

Possibly an advanced settings panel to customize your workflow.

For example, when selecting one or more devices, tracks, etc. and hitting the delete key, I'm prompted with a "Are you sure you want to delete this? Press Ctrl + Delete to delete without prompting." Well, truth be told, I've seen this screen an innumerable amount of times and I have still yet to remember to hold Ctrl. Yet my answer each and everytime is the same.

Yes, I really want to delete it. (I can undo it if I mess up... that's what it's there for)

That rant aside, some user defaults would really aid in workflow. Ideas:

-Global AutoRoute On/Off
-Device AutoRoute defaults (audio/cv)such as: Redrum created after mixer, all channels connect into the mixer

etc. etc. it would be nice, and I would appreciate the Props all the more.

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