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Old 2004-01-03, 06:29
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ACID loops without having to use Rewire

Ok, one of the features that I really like to use are ACID style time-stretched loops. Since most of the loops I like to use are ambient or ?soundscape? oriented the Dr. REX module just doesn?t cut it for me.

As for using ACID via Rewire, despite the fact that Rewire works marvelously well, I really hate having to use 2 apps at the same time to make music. I also hate DX effects in ACID as they tend to not have tempo sync which I use a lot. So I?ve come up with a work-around that seems to do the trick for me.

I use ACID to stretch the loops I want to use and then export them via the ?Export Loops? feature which processes all the loops to the desired BPMs in one operation. Sometimes I save them in 3-4 different tempos in case I change my mind later. I then load them into several NN19 modules for playback. In essence I?ve turned the NN19 into a virtual ACID playback device.

Now one helpful thing I discovered by accident is that if I hook up a Matrix to an NN19 and set all of the Matrix notes to be tied then the NN19 will play back the entire length of the sample endlessly regardless of how it syncs to the tempo. This is good for me because I sometimes like to have loops that don?t really sync up at regular intervals. It saves me from having to worry about calculating all the math to match things up right. I realize this technique may not be useful to many others people?s style of music but it?s a real time saver for me.

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