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How would I accomplish this in Reason?

Greetings. A friend gave me a sample of a reading he did. It's about 5 minutes long and he did the reading at 70bpm. He asked me to compose some tones for the background (at 70bmp).

The sample starts perfectly so that when I import it into Reason's NN-XT and start the note on the first beat of the first measure it stays in time throughout the whole 5 minutes.

However, in order for me to hear the sample I always have to start at measure 1. I can't begin the song halfway through to work on those parts because the sample starts way back at measure 1.

So... is there any way for Reason to know that if I'm starting at measure 30 that the sample should start that far in? Can the NN-XT module send the sample "to track" like the DR.REX module does?

Do I need ReCycle or some other program to put "points" in the sample and then import it into DR.REX? And, if I do need ReCycle can it automatically put a marker (or whatever it's called) at the start of each measure for me (assuming 70 bpm). I'd hate to have to sit there and try to figure out where all the points go since it's not a drum loop and it would probably be difficult to figure out where all the points would go.


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