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Am I nuts?? Dedicated hardware DSP's

OK, software is the future but take away the hardware and software becomes useless, right? Software depends on hardware, no doubt about that. So why not develop a DSP soundcard dedicated to Reason, that takes the load of the CPU and eliminates the differences between various setups (CPU, RAM, soundcard). The software would serve as interface between the brain and the hardware, merely controlling the dedicated DSP's. Similar to Creamware's Pulsar I think this would take Reason a couple steps closer to the world of professional audio. Face it, Reason might be a revolutionary concept and the ads might scream that "software sounds louder than hardware!", I'm not convinced. Reason is still pro-sumer.
I have a hardware synthiser and I really enjoy playing around with it, it just sounds so sweet. It can be really timeconsuming and downright demotivating emulating these sounds in Reason. My hardware sounds more appealing to the ear, like it's speaking or singing (a must for any musician!) and maybe Reason can sound like this too with dedicated hardware. I'm not saying this should be provided for the next upgrade but it's certainly something to keep in mind for the future..

As an example I recorded some sounds from my hardware synth (Novation A-rack), not the factory presets but original material (never mind the melodic twists, I'm not the musical genius I would hope to be). I don't know why but it sounds so much better than Reason, even digitized through my onboard soundcard (Nvidia Nforce2 MCP-T).

Maybe I'm just a lazy wanker...
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