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Old 2004-01-12, 06:57
chaunceyc chaunceyc is offline
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single keystroke assignments for sequencer tools

This drives me nuts, having to click on these tiny icons to constantly switch between tools in the sequencer. I know you can toggle between tools with Alt, but they toggle between things I don't want.
Typical scenario...record some realtime data I want to pick out good bits to turn into groups and then populate the track. Notes fall just in front of a gridline (the way I want them). Click on Zoom tool to zoom, click off Snap to grid, click on select tool, select area, ctrl-G to group, click on snap to grid, click on zoom tool to zoom out, click on select tool, Ctrl-click and drag newly-created group. I could easily be 5-10 times faster and more accurate with keystrokes to switch tools like every other Sequencer/DAW has. Besides the time and pain in the but aspect, it sucks when you visualize exact area you want to lasso, but having to move your eye's focus off the area in order to switch to other tools makes you lose your place.

Also Snap to grid--needs a key assignment
How about z for zoom, s for select, n to toggle the sNap to grid, e for erase. This is a MUST feaure. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

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