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Old 2004-01-12, 16:06
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Re: wiiiiiiiide synth chords [att: shizm!]

Hello Shizm, and any others experimenting in the same field.

Have you tried exporting a loop from your mix, and converting it to mono? How does that sound? I did something similar, but more simple (putting a tiny delay with no feedback on one channel, to get a nice stereo spread. But when I listen to it in mono, it sounds awful! It just bugs me, because when I do the same thing with professional tracks, they don't sound *that* much worse compared to the original. What can be done to remedy this?

[original thread]

ok i had some success with the first part of what you suggested....
:i used the unison with the effect adjusted so that it was subtle (not a lot of detuning and more dry than wet .. just enough to create some difference from left to right)
:then i routed the left output of the unison to a scream, and i did the same thing with the right output .. so i had a mono signal running through each scream. then i connected mono outs from each scream to their own mixer channels and panned the channels hard left and hard right, and with a little tweaking on the screams voila ... a nice, dry, spread out stereo synth sound
:so thanks for your suggestion as it set me on a good path
i posted my solution for anyone who might have been following this thread with a similar interest)

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