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(ot) Flaming Lips fans

I was a fan of these guys about ten or eleven years ago. I just picked up "Finally the Punk Rockers are taking Acid" - it's a three disk compilation of their stuff from 1983-1988. That's the stuff I liked the best.

It's really good to hear their old stuff again. Definately a recomended buy for like minded fans. I was having a hard time finding the old albums at the record store and even on p2p. I ended up at best buy earlier looking for a new playsation game and was psyched to find this there.

I kind of fell off with them after transmissions, and have not heard the newer stuff. There was an interview with Wayne in an URB a few months back and apparently they are incorporating heavy electronics into the newer stuff, anyone heard the new one? How is the post transmissions stuff?

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