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Finally getting a copy of reason.

after using my friends computer alot, trying the reason demo, and getting a copy of cubase (not a legal one)

I have decided that reason was the one I want to spend the money on.

cubase had to many technical issues (might have been the "copy" ) and I seemed to be trying to find the best plugins for it all the time. I was not making any music

maybe the closed architecure of reason is not a bad idea. it seems to give you alot to work with but not an over whealming amount.

Keep it simple.

well I just ordered my copy from 8th street and should be here next week. so I can finally write music in reason and save it.

I deleted the copy of cubase. too much for me and the cost was really high. mine was a glitchy copy. see all piracy is not bad. I have seen the error of my ways and chose the one best suited to my needs. still don't make it right.

ok now my questions are as follows.

one. is there a device that operates solely to provide a midi assinable controler such as patch change, fade, lfo , something that would be good for controlleing the parameters of the devices like maelstorm. I already have keyboard controller (fatar sl880) and I dont want the attached keys with devices like the ozone.

two. when will an upgrade come out for reason 2.5 to 3 and any idea what will be included.

three. the digital vocorder. I was using two and I am not sure what it is. is a computer genreated voice or is it a voice changer type device. sounds really cool from the description but it assumes you know what it does.


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