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Composition block

As a guitar player, I'm struggling to find a method for composing with Reason. sorta a writers block thing.

For some reason, I'm not hearing composition in Reason music. Maybe cause I'm stuck in the 70's guitarist. Whatever the reason, I need to learn to listen, and to compose using Reason. I want to ditch guitar as the main tool for composition.

It may be that its just too big right now- so many possibilities that I can't focus. When I compose with guitar I play a riff, build on it, echo it for the bridge, and reprise it for the outro.

Seems to me that Reason lends to a different sort of composition, with a vibe that extends thru the entire song. Less chunky, less defined.

Help me to listen for composition, and to adapt to this new medium.

Its new in terms of technology, but more new in terms of music style and composition options.

I'm sure I'm not the first with this sort of problem. What do you guys do?

Or should guitar players just not even try?

Wayne from White Salmon

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