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o/t Monitors or Channel Strip?

In the world of recording stuff, which do people feel has a more influential effect on their music? Monitors or Channel Strip?

At the moment, I have some typical Creative PC/Game speakers. Great for DVDs (4.1 surround for supported cards), good for playing back Music, but as for flat response and ideal for Music production, I really don't know.

My mic (cheap Yamaha MCA condensor) goes straight into my soundcard. Although it can take 48v phantom power, it also runs on batteries - which is why I bought it since budget soundcards don't usually come with XLR jacks for powering mics... The soundcard has its own level in control, but turn it up too much and you start hearing the too much (digital)

Most of my stuff is created purely on the computer: Reason (obviously), VSTis etc, with Vocals occasionally added afterwards. I'd like to do more guitar work though, but never got round to writing any instrumental stuff...

so the question is, what would I gain the most from? Monitors or Channel Strip? Budget-wise, we're definately not talking Genelec and Focusrite here... I was looking at the tfpro P3 channel strip (new version of the Joe Meek MQ3 I believe?), and the seriously budget Edirol MA10A's... depending on how much I can get for guitar lessons...

opinions, thoughts or recommendations on any of the above would be appreciated

riviero @ soundclick

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