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unity gain in reason???

it has come to my attention that reason has a unity gain of 100. is this true? i thought there was no such thing as gain in reason because you want your levels to constantly peak (without clipping at the output stage of course) to achieve maximum bit depth processing of 32 bit float and 24 when you export a song. is this the case at the master fader or should you peak at the individual faders of the mixer? i swear, it sounds better if you peak at the device, then the individual faders (i always shoot for the second to last bar to give myself a wee bit of headroom in relation to my kick drum and percussion during the mixing stages), and then turn down the main mix... i do know if you raised the level on a sample past 100 (if the above is all true) you would raise the noise floor of the sample, but what about the synths in reason, there is no noise floor. im mean really, whats the best technique for samples? i almost always normalize to 0 if my recordings are less than -3dB... but, if im really close to 0 I never normalize. Keep in mind once you normalize you just did a process, thus diminished the sound quality.

who knows about these things??? they are important for maximum sound quality. Im anal when it comes to these things.


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