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Old 2004-01-18, 18:01
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Virtual Room with speaker and mic. animation

Just let me go nuts for a minute here...
I like music where I get the illusion that I'm inside a room where lot's of events are going on. I'll give an example: the beat and bass are going back and forth like a huge pounding industrial compressor, something like a UFO comes flying towards the observer while the lead just pops out of his head... (Psytrance anyone??)

In real life, moving the position of a sound source (like a speaker) will cause certain changes in sound charateristics like phase and pitch(Doppler effect). The ratio direct/indirect sound will also change.
So imagine a virtual room with an unlimited number of speakers. Each channel on the mixer will be assigned to one (or more) of these speaker. Then you can animate the motion or movement of these speakers individually, effectively creating real-life movement. The position of the observer or microphone(s) can also be animated.

Parameters for each speaker that can be animated should be speed, position, size(of the speaker, emulation of gaint PA monsters or tiny radio speakers), direction(away from or toward observer/mic.), motion path,...
Same for microphone animation.

Parameters that define the room colouration are size, diffusion, shape, damping, room temperature, ...

Surround sound output would be the cream on this cake.

I don't know if I explained this properly, but I would kill to get my hands on one of these babies.
Physics of sound

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