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Old 2004-01-21, 00:06
xxgeekxx xxgeekxx is offline
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buying new pc,laptop or monster desktop?

I was going to buy a laptop but while the hp store was down i was looking around for good deals. I could get a laptop or a hella good desktop for roughly the same price. What would you suggest?
P4 2.80Ghz
512Mb DDR ram(2 Dimm)
60 gb hard drivedvd/cd burner

P4 with ht 3Ghz
2 GB ram
120Gb Hardrive
128MB DDR ATI RADEON? 9800 Pro Graphics Card (dual monitor)
Sound Blaster Audigy?2 with dolby 5.1

I know the desktop is alot better ,but now way i could use up a 120 gb hardrive just on music,or even a 60 for that matter. And i dont need a 128mb card to get dual monitors do i? Also nothing is better then taking your beats around withyou unless the pc is to slow to make them

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