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Old 2004-01-23, 16:52
lerenaitrance lerenaitrance is offline
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Logic Plat 6 and Reason 2.5 porb. on G5 pnather!!!

HI, i just got a new setup which includes Logic 6 and reason. Any way after fresh install of os and all apps i open logic the open reason and reason will not fully open until i brong logic to the for front and if it opens and i bring reason to the for front ussually i cannot do anyting in reason its like its locked or if i do make it do something it wont do it till i bring logic back the the for front. strange....
any thoughts? i installed my motu 828mk11 drivers first then logic then reason. reason will not quit sometimes after use if it works and i have to force quit. any ideas might help thanks. here is my setup

G5 dual 2 running 10.3.2
motu 828mk11
logic plat 6.3.3
reason 2.5
event tr8s
mackie control universal

thank you,

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