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My newest song....Plz Listen!

Hey everyone, first of all I would like too say thanks for all the cool music everyone has made to inspire me too make better songs.
Anway, I just finished my new song today. You could call it breakbeat trance, I guess, but maybe it might be something else. I had a lot of time to work on it today since I had no school, (too much snow and ice). It's called flow in the mix. I just wanted to go crazy with this track, so if it seems kinda chaotic at some points, well that was intended. But it ends with a more relaxing soft note. Plz tell me what you think! Also, I know that the sound quality isn't really great all the time, but eventually I will learn more about editing and such. Can anyone recommend any good editing programs? Also, my mp3 converted songs seem to not sound as good as they were when in wav. Is this normal? I know I'm writing a lot in this one message, but thanks everyone.
Flow in the mix

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