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Old 2004-01-28, 21:28
Omnilimbo Omnilimbo is offline
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Controlling REASON with multiple MIDI devices

I currently have an Evolution MK-249C set up as my midi controller but I am looking to get 2 more midi controllers, either the Edirol PCR-80 & UR- 80 OR the Evolution MK-461C & UC-33E.
So first and foremost.... can you use multiple midi devices, simultaneously, to control more than one reason device at a time??
i.e. use the UR-80 to control the mixer 14:2 while at the same time using the PCR-80 to play the Malstrom and the MK-249C to play NNXT???

secondly... any opinions on which gear is better... the Edirol or Evolution!?!

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