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Old 2004-01-28, 23:11
benwalker benwalker is offline
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o/t techie question, How do you hear Aliasing?

I've been digging around on a few sites (okay, dsp/C++ sites) with the intention of whenever I get the time to play around with the VST SDK...

... so. I understand that Nyquist etc means that dsp code must take into account aliasing, and the usual way around this is to filter off everything above half the sampling rate.

My question is, what happens if you don't? Do you hear things differently or 'wrong'? I downloaded the free Synth1, which according to comments suffers from aliasing - but I'm dammed if I can hear any difference from this to something more professional and expensive.

any audio examples, or thoughts, or should I not bother worrying and just get synthedit?

riviero @ soundclick

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