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Post Your Reason MP3 Tracks Here

Ok, so there are many of us here who write tracks with Reason with or without any other programs/gear.

Instead of trying to fish around for our tracks all over the threads in this forum, can we all just post direct links to our MP3 tracks in this very thread?

Personally, I think we should all collect/download each other's tracks in MP3 format, so we can check them out. No links to real-audio (or non-downloadable streaming files), wma, wmv, or any other format. Just MP3 at 320Kbs, 44.1, 16bit.

It'll be kick ass for us to burn all our tracks to audio-CD or MP3 players and groove!

I'll start first....

Track title: Hedinas Pt.1
Style: sex music
Tempo: 112 BMP


Cave Cybernation - Sound.Design

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