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Old 2004-01-29, 22:30
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NN-XT Orchestral: Zone Level Crossfading (mockup inside)

Reason being the excellent program that it is, has many users ranging over a wide spectrum of musical styles.

Needless to say, featuring the extensive 500 MB Orkester soundbank (with a wide range of orchestral instruments sampled in various dynamic ranges), Reason has grown extremely popular among peeps who are into orchestral music in one form or another.

It's easy to use, it's "all in one", has a real cool set of orchestral sounds and it's not too expensive (especially when compared to other more "high-end" tools/samplelibraries traditionally used for making orchestral stuff).

However, there is one thing seriously holding Reason back in this regard, not allowing the Orkester soundbank to fully come alive:

Zone Level Crossfading.

One of the most (if not THE most) essential things when trying to emulate an orchestra or acoustic instrument with samples is dynamics.

This means, you should be able to fade inbetween different zones using the modwheel or any expression, breath control etc.

It should work pretty much like the velocity layers/crossfading (setting start (Lo) and end (Hi) as well as Fade In and Fade Out, the difference being that the zones are triggered at the same time and the crossfaded inbetween using modwheel, expression automation, breath control etc.

For example (please see my crappy mockup pic), having the Violins sampled at three differend dynamic levels (P, MF and FF) has a very limited use unless you can fade between all of them in a seamless and exact fashion. Same goes for practically any acoustical instrument that play and hold sustained notes.

NOTE: This should be an additional feature to velocity ranges, not a function that replaces it temporarily (velocity is also needed in addition for attacks etc).

Short explanation for the edited part of the NN-XT interface (see red rectangle):

LO VEL/LVL and HI VEL/LVL = Lo Velocity/Level and Hi Velocity/Level

F.I VEL/LVL and F.O VEL/LVL = Fade In Velocity/Level and Fade Out Velocity/Level

Yeah, I know my mockup pic rapidly inhales, but it's just a sorta "proof of concept" thingy and not intended to suggest any interface designs whatsoever.

Propellerheads, you did an great job sampling these orchestral sounds and including them in this excellent program. If you could also find a way to include this feature, it would help make those samples come to life, making the Orkester soundbank full justice, and this would be extremely appreciated by many I'm sure.

Sorry for long text. Also, apologies if this (or something like it) has already been suggested elsewhere.

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