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Old 2004-02-03, 23:07
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My Journey to the Dark XP Side is Complete! and now...

It is complete (Coo-hah, coo-hah)

My XP Nicknamed "The Dark Tower" as it is housed in a MONSTROUS black super atx black server case.

Finally got all the apps and cards installed, drivers set up etc. and bottom line is this...

The famous $149. M-audio card works great with Reason, I've got an asus running a 2.6 g p4, a gig of mem, and reason sounds and plays great.

Anyways I'm happy, and thought I would pass on the overall "working system specs" to new users.

Good lord, XP has finally made the PC world cool. Goodbye dear old powermac, you have been replaced.

Feeeel the power of the Dahrkzide!


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