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Official CV machine request thread!

Ok, I've heard lots of requests for variations on what are essentially CV machines. To clarify, a CV machine would be a simple module which generates, converts, or effects CV signals. This would allow for more complex CV routing by removing the need to use an entire subtractor when you just want an LFO or envelope gate. I think this thread should be the main posting place for CV machine ideas.

Here are my CV ideas so far:

- Sequencer Note Interface (would convert sequencer notes to CV so that you could control multiple instruments with a single midi track)

- LFO generator (LFO start could be retriggered by sequencer notes, the same way the Filter is retriggered)

- Arpeggiator (would take sequencer chords and generate an arpeggiation note CV from them)

- Advanced envelope generator (would allow for complex multi-stage envelopes similar to those found in FM7 or Absynth)

- CV Level changer (would allow CV signals to be increased or decreases)

- CV Converter (would allow CV signals to be converted from any source to any destination for wacky results)

If you can think of any other ideas, please post them.

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