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Old 2004-02-18, 15:44
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Want audio tracks & recording in Reason? Got a Mac? :)

As pointed out here recently, Apple's GarageBand software supports ReWire. Reason will sync up to it and send its stereo mix output to GarageBand. I tried it out today; no configuration was necessary and it worked perfectly. Just launch GarageBand first and you're in business. Dead simple!

Since GarageBand can record and playback audio tracks, it serves as an extremely inexpensive ($50) way to add these features to Reason. It's not a replacement for a serious host sequencer, but if you don't currently have one (and are using a Mac), it might be exactly what you're looking for. You certainly can't beat the price!

GarageBand's large library of high quality loops and software instruments are welcome additions too. Many of the software instruments are sample-based, but the electric pianos and clavinets are actually modeled, giving them a very dynamic, lush character that sounds far better than sample-based ones. Rhodes fans rejoice, and throw away your electric piano ReFills!

And if you're thinking "I'm not about to use some pre-fab loops in my tracks" -- you don't have to! Once you've dropped a loop into a track, you can chop it up and rearrange it at will, creating your own new sequences, ReCycle-style. Alas, once you chop up a loop, you can't group the pieces, so you'll have to make manual copies of your new sequence.

If all that wasn't enough, GarageBand supports Audio Units too. Apple ships a bunch of plugins with the OS itself, including reverb, delay, EQs, and even a multiband compressor (which is handy to use on your entire mix in GarageBand -- just add it to the master track). And of course you can also get a wide variety of third party effect plugins in AU format.

Having said all that, I actually use Logic Platinum 6 and don't really have much use for GarageBand. But I thought I'd pass on the message for those who need audio recording or just want to expand their studio arsenal.

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