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Old 2004-02-18, 20:39
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Question on Factory sound bank disk and orkester disk

What files are on each of these cds? If you load up both discs to see what files are on the cds, what do you see? Are there any hidden files or is it just the Orkester refill file on the orkester disc, and the factory sound bank refill on the factory sound bank disk? I copied my original disks so that if I damaged them I could still use the program, but when I load reason, it reads the burned orkester disc fine, but not the burned factory bank. When i look at what files are on the cd, the orkester cd just has the orkester soundbank file. But the factory sound bank burned disc has the factory sound bank refill file along with 2 hidden files called "Desktop DB" and "desktop DF" should those be there?

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