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Device Templates and Plugin Devices

Device templates: this would be a way to take a group of devices and their associated cabling and settings and save them all out to a file like a "patch". For example, lately I've been creating a nice 303 sound with a combination Subtractor/Scream 4/Matrix. Instead of creating three devices for each new session, recabling, reapplying settings, and reloading pre-saved patches for the Sub and the Scream, I could simply load up a single device template that contains this whole block.

As for device template auto-cabling: in this case, the auto-cabling attaches the main sound source, the Subtractor, to the next available Mixer channel. The Scream 4 and Matrix are eliminated from the auto-cabling because A) they are pre-cabled within the template (to the Sub), and B) they are not sound sources but rather effects devices and controllers.

There might be a few snags with auto-cabling a device template, but in general I think auto-cabling every major sound source (synths, samplers, and Redrum) to the mixer, and leaving the rest of the cabling as it was saved into the template, would do the trick. Of course, the SHIFT-override is still in effect just in case.

Plugin Devices: I don't know, this may be impossible to do depending on how the Reason codebase is laid out, but if there was some kind of scripting language, tool, or even an all-out SDK so programmers could write and compile straight code into a DLL or some such thing, then users could create their own rack devices for insertion into Reason. Just imagine the possibilities. Hundreds of synth styles. Specialized drum machines. Wild effects devices that the Props would never have dreamed of.

That is all.

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