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High CPU usage Reason 2.5/Sonar 3

I've just started using Reason rewired into Sonar 3 Producer's Edition and I'm getting abnormally high CPU usage.

My system is an ASUS P4PE 845PE 2.4 gHz P4 with 1 GB RAM, Matrox G550 Dualhead vid card and RME Multiface sound.

I built a very basic Reason rack with two Redrums running all individual outs directly to the hardware interface and two NN-XT's running stereo pair out each into the hardware interface.

When I try to open up a Sonar project that used this configuration the CPU usage goes up by about 30% causing the audio engine to shut down in Sonar.

I'm actually not using anything currently but the 2 NN-XT's, and the Redrums aren't even patched into Sonar at the moment. The Redrums are just sitting there in the rack, waiting to be used.

Anyone experience something similar with Sonar or Cubase or another rewire host app? I'd like to be able to use even more Reason instruments - this was just a very basic, "test" rack.

Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated!



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