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Old 2004-02-23, 19:20
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Difference between Headphone and speakers


I use Reason for some time now.., getting the hang of it and find it more and more fun to work with. I dont have a studio or anything, just some simple speakers, and an simple headphone, Nothing fancy!

But now i can hear quiet some differce in a song when i made it with Headphone and listen it trough my speakers.. Some instruments i cant even hear at all. So i could start using my speakers when making the music, but then i have the same , those songs sound incorrect on my headphone then.

Specially with basses, when i get a nice bass with my headphone, the bass is to high in volume on my speakers.

Anyone know of a headphone that is perfect for music making? Since i cant always burst my speakers to the max, driving my neighbours nuts. Or anyone know an other solution?



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