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refill proplem.........

Hi Guys,

Now am i being completly thick here or what..

Right i have just purchased a numder of refills.
Now i started a new track and used quite a few sounds and breaks from my new refills ( these were direct from the CD drive(d))

I have just booted up the track with the refill cd in the drive and nothing, all sounds and loops are showing as missing.

I have even opened up an empty rack and tried to search for the samples there but won't even open the soundz and loops i need in there.

I have located some of the rex files and open and saved through recycle but as for the kit bits and stabs that i have in the redrum these will not open.

Any help is much appreciated.

Im fairly sure i have to open the refill disc somewhere eles or save it somewhere,
Im not so worried about the track its more that i can not open these sounds and beats any where now.


Mark One


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