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Laptops & PA interference


I've been using Reason at home for a while now and last weekend decided to take it out on the road.

Everything worked fine, apart from "Hash noise" (interference related to the movement of the mouse / scrolling of windows on the desktop) and general whines and buzzes through the PA when my soundcard breakout box was plugged into the PA mixer. I am using an Iridium Starbook 865 laptop with the RME Multiface and Cardbus adaptor.

These noises were not actual channel noise. They could be heard even when the laptop channel was muted on the mixing desk, and in fact even when the whole PA was muted! Furthermore they occurred no matter how the Laptop was connected to the mixer - even input to input. If there was any electrical contact between the RME and the desk, buzzz!

Here's the best bit - the noises completely disappeared when I ran from battery power. They were only present when the laptop was plugged into the mains. I tried a few mains sockets - same result. I doubt any of them were on a different mains ring to the PA, anyway.

So, I guess we're looking at some kind of mains interference. I am not an electrician - I don't understand this crazy mains interference stuff. Does anybody have any idea what could have been happening? Does anybody have a remedy?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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