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Old 2004-02-24, 00:07
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ReSequenzer Device (Contr. various devices w. 1 seq. track)

I thought it would be nice and useful to have a device in the rack, which offers output channels for control values recordet in the sequencer.

This outputs can be splitted by the SpiderCV and used to control various devices it the rack.

It should have fixed outputs for NoteCV and GateCV and a number variable outputs, routable by a sort of routing matrix.

This would allow the easy use of multiple synth paches with more than two voices ( i. e. a patch consisting of three Subtractors) controlled and managed by only one sequencer track.

All this can be achieved by using the midi bus system for performance and duplicating tracks for playback, but in the process of songwriting, "managing" one track is faster than "managing" three.

The RoutingMatrix within the device would also offer new creative possibilities.

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