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Old 2004-08-18, 22:08
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Mmm, I've had an idea

Sorry for the thread title, bit stoned

Its probably been suggested before but how about adding automation to patch changes on devices, so you can play one mal and changes patches as the song progresses. It has the added effect of getting lazy people to set up separate sounds as the song gets goin.

Should be able to work with all patches though, effects, synths, and samplers.

Just make it so *if* the patch change automation is used a cache is set up for that patch, if people run out of memory its there problem. It might cause problems with low memory machines, and you may have to warn users if their "playback" cache has reached its limit, then use the harddrive for a cache, which may cause a stutter. But this won't cause a problem compiling the song anyway.

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