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Visualizer mockup

Well, I finally got around to finishing my mockup.

As you can see it's a stereo visualization tool which could be placed anywhere in an audio chain. This would allow you to see how the audio looks before and after an effect. It would also give a much better indication as to how loud audio is and a what stage it may be clipping. When it comes to audio, your ears can play tricks on you, and something like this will help verify if what you're hearing is how it actually sounds.

As the image indicates, the visualizer would display either a scope or bars. When both left and right channels are connected, the device displays both scopes/bars at the same time. This makes it easy to see how wide a stereo image is or to track down where phasing is occuring.

Both the left and right channels can be independantly highlighted so that the overlapping waveforms/bars don't become confusing. Also, a "crossover" highlighting mode could be provided to highlight only the areas where crossover occurs (another great way to see where phasing or mono-ing is occuring).

Lastly, there are zooming tools which can be used to increase the dB range and scope distance to get a clearer, closer view of the a particular region of the scope/bars.

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