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Old 2004-02-28, 23:28
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Reverb (RV7000) Improvement Suggestions

Ok, so I have some suggestions for improving the RV7000 reverb:

1. Enhanced EQ - Would be great with a couple of more bands added to the EQ, at least 4 - 6 in total and they should be fully adjustable as far as boot, cut and Param Q is concerned. This is especially important when trying to simulate the frequency responce of a certain real world environment (a room or hall for example).

2. Separate Frequency Reverbtimes - An even nicer function than the above (and more acoustically correct) would be to be able to set the reverb time individually for each frequency. I.e. one reverb time slider for 31 Hz, one for 63 Hz, one for 125 Hz and so on. It would look pretty much like the current EQ, but instead there would be 10 sliders for each frequency (31, 63, 125, 250, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K and 16K) to set each respective reverb time value individually. This function would actually replace the current EQ alltogether, as it would have pretty much the same function, but be more acoustically correct. Problem is that it might be too processorhungry, in which case the above enhanced EQ might be a good compromise.

3. More Room Shapes and/or Room Shape Editor (custom Room Shapes) - It would be great to have more room shapes to choose from, and even greater to have a "Room Shape Editor". If it would be too processorhungry to edit Room Shapes in realtime, then it could be a small separate standalone application, where you set various parameters and then compile them into a static preset/patch, which then could then be loaded into the Room Shape part of the reverb. If custom made Room Shape patches are not possible, then more room shapes (as many as possible) would be great, and also a rundown of all the Room Shapes (whith their specifications) would be nice to have listed in the manual.

4. Enhanced Room Size - It would be great to be able to set the width, depth and height for the room size and not just one value. On a side note, I figure that if you set the current parameter (which is just one value) to for example 25.0 m, then it simulates a space in the form of a cube in which each side is 25 m in lenght..or is it? This is not specified in detail anywhere in the manual as far as I know. Still, being able to set all sides of the room (3 values) would add more control. Yet again, it might be too processorhungry...I dunno.

5. Impulse Response Compability - Reverb convolution is coming on big and strong, and if Reason aslo could make use of IR's it would be really cool. However, this is a pretty processorhungry method, so it might not be practical. If possible, one might again have some sort of seprate standalone application in which you could load a Impulse Response signal (.wav for example) and it would then be converted into a static format readable by the Reason reverb unit. When loaded, IR's could be pretty static, and just have wet/dry ratio editable or something to cut down processor demand. One could also have a selector to choose the resolution of the IR reverb playback (something like the NN-XT "High Quality Interpolation" setting, but being a knob that controls resolution in percent or something.

Ok, that's about all I can think of for what do you think? : )

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