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Old 2004-02-29, 11:08
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NN-XT Keyswitching & Legato Triggering Suggestion

1. NN-XT Keyswitching:

For those who might not know, keyswitching generally works like this...

Let's say you have your instrument loaded into NN-XT and you have several zones that you'd like to switch between while playing in realtime. You can then assign separate keys on the keyboard (which are outside of your instruments range), one to each zone of the instrument, and then by pressing the corresponding key you can select which zone should be triggered/active when you play.

Gives you great control over a multitude of different zones in realtime, and is especially useful when switching between various playing techniques of Orchestral sounds. For example, you could use Keyswitching to switch between the regular Violins and the Tremolo and Pizzicato ones etc.

2. Legato Triggering:

Basically it's about assigning automation to the NN-XT Legato function. For example, you could assign the Legato mode to your sustainpedal (or any other automation) and when leaving it up the instrument would play as usual (non-Legato) and while pressing it down, Legato would be activated. Of course, Legato mode could also be activaded by Keyswitching as described above.

Thank's for reading. : )

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