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Old 2004-03-03, 08:27
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Something I typed up for the Propellerheads.

Reason Suggestions
Hey, propellerheads. I have a few MORE interesting ideas for you'uns. I expect to see a Reason v3 one day You guys are doing an exquisitely fine job. Mmmm. Reason.

- Enable the ability to "Export Loop as Audio File...", and make the beginning of the .wav file sound as if the rest of the song was already playing when the sample began. Essentially, the very start of the sample would be instantly noisy because of all of the instruments that were theoretically "playing" JUST BEFORE the loop started. Normally when a loop is exported, it only plays the sequenced points from the loop's "L" point and on. There would need to be a system incorporated that would "pre-read" sequenced notes from a song, and be sure that everything in the sequencer is accurate to how the beginning of the sample sounds. This feature would be EXCELLENT for, say, attaching loop files to different keys, like using an NN19, for example.

- Ability to define multiple loops in the Sequencer. Also, add an indicator (similar to the numerical position indicator that lies beside the Overdub/Replace switch) to rapidly switch between defined loops. Loop indicators in the sequencer could be named differently, or even colored differently for a better ability to differentiate all of them. This is useful for utilizing the same samples and instruments to quickly and easily perform and test multiple automation sets and musical loops.

- On the multi-loop idea, I was also thinking that maybe some sort of a "loop player" could be added as well, where the user would open a dialog that has two listboxes; One that contains names of loops that have been defined in the Sequencer, and another one that contains a "loop order", which would function just like a pattern organizer in an old-school tracker, playing one loop sequentially after another as specified in the listbox, and would constantly repeat itself until the stop button in the "Loop Player" dialog is pressed. The loop order would function

similar to the sequencer, except it would not directly affect the song in any way. Instead, the whole concept of the Loop Player revolves around being able to try new audio ideas with speed

and ease. Maybe also enable the ability to save Loop Player presets inside a song file. Yeah, there you go Maybe also, add the ability to export the loop player's one-shot pattern sequence. And also, as per the "Export Loop as Audio File..." idea, allow the ability to export a loop that sounds as if it JUST LOOPED, and all of the sounds from the end of the loop were still playing.

- I would REALLY enjoy being able to record automations for every parameter that I change in the recording phase. Usually when I record automation on my knobs and faders, only the active MIDI instrument becomes recorded. Maybe there should be some sort of "Record All" function that accepts -ALL- MIDI remote mapping and plots it down all at once? This would be incredibly useful on my part, as my knobs and faders are assigned to many parameters on different instruments, and using this feature would greatly speed up the productivity of my musical ideas.

- Allow a "Revert" command in the "File" menu for a quick reset of a file. (Altough I guess you could probably just open the last file in the Open History. Just a thought.) Revert would always re-load the ACTIVE file. Maybe make a shortcut key for it, too? Hmm that would help.

- Ability to add unlimited instances of the active Reason rack. This would be useful for monitoring and setting parameter settings for, say, two instruments at the same time, when each of these devices could, in fact, be very far from eachother in their positionings in the Reason rack. Consider, also, the possibility of doing the same with the Sequencer. Some people might have HUMONGOUS arranges, which would essentially involve many, many sequencer tracks. Sometimes scrolling back and forth all the time can turn out to be a pain in the butt for some ppl. But to have, say, 4 different sequencer tracks, all in their own small windows, would be pretty stylin' for monitoring purposes, especially considering how far each of those tracks might actually be in the Sequencer track line-up.

- On that note, Allow the Reason Transport to be detached from the rest of the window. Allow it to have its own Window name and everything. Being able to manipulate that would be great for people who want to see more Rack on their screen, or Sequencer, for that matter.

- In the last note, I mentioned adding Audio Input capabilities. (Which is a must guys. Come on. Don't let me down here. On that note, I wanted to add another recent idea of mine... A guitar modeler. This device would be a normal Reason effect, but would have realistic guitar-modeling capabilities. It could be used in ties with the theoretical "Reason Audio Input" device. At 2ms... ASIO.. ~~~ *drooools more*. Also, consider adding a Mic modeler, too. I'm sure you'd sell a truckload of Reason software packages if you added features like these. *highfives you guys* Dew it!

Those're my notes for now, propellerheads. I'll get back to you when I have another stack of ideas. Thanks for making Reason It truly rawks.

Your budday budday,

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