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Old 2004-03-04, 23:47
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Cubase ReWire Reason sound differences.. test results...

sort of.

Is there any difference in sound quality, from Reason ReWired through Cubase SX/SL.

I set up a Reason file with one subtractor. Default patch, velocity sensitivity set to zero, filter fully open. Then played a C2 note for 1 bar, changed the waveform to a square, and finally a sine wave. This file was exported at 44.1Khz, 24bit, and then saved.

Next step, fire up Cubase (SL2), use an empty project, all settings to default. Start ReWire, load up the test file in Reason. Export the same audio file (44.1 24bit) and then compare the two...

First off - do they sound any different? Nope. Not to my ears anyway... maybe I'm numb to the sound, but I couldn't hear any differences.

Had a look at the spectrum analysis too - both cut off around 16Khz, but don't forget that this was only 44.1Khz (so Nyquist at 22khz) and was only C2... other than that, identical really. Even the levels were the same...

Next - Zoom into each waveform and visually compare. Both appear the same - Gibbs on the discontinuities etc. The only differences are at the start of each waveform - Reason has a longish lead in to the first zero crossing of each waveform, whilst Cubase is a lot shorter. The overall effect of this is to shift the phase by about 100 samples.

Finally - if both are the same, inverting the left channel of the Reason track and mixing with the right channel of the Cubase track should produce zero. I tried this - and it doesn't. You get square waves for the sawtooth, shorter pulse width waves for the squares, whilst the sines stay fairly constant. This ties in with the idea that the two are identical apart from the phase offset (easy way to make squares is use phase offset saws...).


so, does anyone care? is this conclusive? probably not... but thought after the thrilling excitment of the 15khz tone test, and questions about the sound quality between the two, it might be worth having a look

riviero @ soundclick - I'm not the one on the right BTW...

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