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Old 2004-03-05, 13:02
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NN-XT Suggestions: Separate MIDI Outputs & Zone Markers

- Separate MIDI Outputs:

Just like the 16 audio outputs on the back of the NN-XT, it might be useful to have a few separate MIDI outputs as well.

This way, one would be able to assign different zones to different sequencer tracks using just one NN-XT.

For example, you could set up several different sounds (zones) within one NN-XT and not only assign them to separate audio outputs (as is possible now) but you could have separate zones assigned to individual sequencer tracks as well.

It would be very useful when for example wanting to have separate expression automation for each zone, and not having to create a new NN-XT just for that.

All in all, you would save on the number of NN-XT's you have to use, and instead use more zones within each NN-XT.

- Zone Markers:

With or whitout the implementation of the above suggestion, it's easy to end up having lots of zones in one NN-XT. It might be useful to have some sort of "dummy zones" or "zone markers".

It could basically be a zone that doesn't contain any samples, but is colored and can be named. Both the colors (having some to select from) and the naming feature could be selected from the pop-up menu that appears when right-clicking on a zone.

Ok, that's about it. Thank's for reading. : )

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