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Old 2004-03-06, 16:47
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A REASON COLLABORATION!! - Evil Toy, Stompp, Ben Walker & Ad

We would like to do a five way Reason track, it would involve five artists. One artist does a part of the song & then passes it over to the next artist. When all five artists have done their part, we then have a finished track.

So (Evil Toy, Stompp, Ben Walker & Adam Fielding) would you been interested in doing a five way collaboration with us?

There is two ways we could do this, someone could do the beat, the other the pads, maybe even vocals (ben), etc. Or, we could do a minute each of the track. If you can think of a better way to do this, then put it across.

What do ya say?

Point Of Origin

p.s - why don't other artists on Reason try the same thing, get yourselves in fives!
Point Of Origin

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