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meta devices and meta sequences

Problem statement: Though Reason has more music production features than I need and a pretty cool user interface, there is not nearly enough support for minimizing setup time, workflow drag, or visual overload.

One Proposed solution:
CUSTOM or meta DEVICES (composites )
eg; Instead of having to save custom instruments ( which are constructed by combining several reason devices etc as diff files ), and then cuttng and pasting them into the working file, allow them to be saved and inserted just like pre built ( atomic ) rack devices . Enable them to look/feel ( mod? )like a composite device. sort of like a face plate on top of your set of devices that comprise your new instrument.

these composites could be shared or sold so once we have this, PHeads should Finally please get some sound engineers to make some phat bass composites using any or all of the devices.

I'd also like to ask for meta sequencing ie; song chaining - nothing fancy..

-rakesh raju

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