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Old 2004-03-08, 20:00
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optional syncronized reordering of sequencer and rack

if I drag a sequencer track (redrum 1 for example) up to the top to reorder my tracks, the redrum in the rack should also go to the top... as an option. too often, I will have two instruments playing back the same thing. I may not add the 2nd instrument till later so if i have a big arrangement, one module might be at the top of the rack and the other at the bottom. This becomes a real drag (no pun intended) when trying to edit both modules. I always cringe when i have to move something up in the rack when it is going through other modules like compression, scream4 etc. Yes, I could plan things out a little better but hey, who wants to plan anything when inspiration strikes? It is kind of odd when you think about it, the sequencer and the rack have no relation to one another as far as ordering goes. And I can see how it would open a can of worms, forcing the ability to "group modules". I think it should be an optional feature though. let's face it. with this feature, the sequencer would become a "micro view" of your rack. making organizing a snap.
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