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A Reason lover is getting crazy !

Hi friends !
I am new to your forum .I am basicaly a Logic audio user but recently I have switched to Reason [ the version 2.0 that I purchased 1 year when I was in India ].I realy love it but I have a very serious problem .
When I try to play back the songs [rps or rns ] songs that I have downloaded from Internet I have this message :

" The song X.rns or Y.rps has a format that is new for this application "

Although I carefully considre the version of the song [2.0] when I am downloading but still I can`t hear anything .
My reason even pops up the same message for ver 1.0 songs .... !!

Plesae anybody helps me ..I want to hear other Reason songs ...I realy got to hear them .
Thank you very much

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