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Old 2004-03-12, 20:04
benwalker benwalker is offline
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Reason Collab Track @ Point of Origin, Evil Toy, Stompp, Ad

Evening gents...

Sorry i missed the first post - elsewehere at the time but will check back here more often in future...

collab track sounds good. How do you guys want to work it? On person starts off and writes a melody or something, and then emails it to someone else who in turn adds a part, re-seqences, mails it to the next person etc... it would be difficult if all five of us work on a part at the same time and then up to one to put it all together.

my MSN messenger is

just need to decide who starts, and then the email ordering... can we stick to only samples either embedded in the Reason file itself, or free ReFills. Wouldn't be fair on others if half the sounds came from 100dB breaks or whatever


riviero @ soundclick

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