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Old 2004-03-12, 21:44
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Help me make a list of Major Features we want to see in V3

I've been reading some of the messages in the Forum and though it would be a good idea to try to put in one message the major additional features that would make Reason the "Ideal Package". Knowing that some people are "coutious" about some features such as audio, maybe the suggested package could be lead to a different version (say...Reason Extreme - seems fashionable these days...) so those who want to keep it simple would stick to the standard version. By doing this Propellerhead could please all.

To the point... I borrow from some of the messages in the Forum and add some of my suggestions. These are only Major features, so I am not including details here. Please help me make it complete if some of you think I am missing a Major desirable feature:

1. Possibility of using Reason's instruments and FX as AU & VST plug-ins in hosts like Logic and Cubase;

2. Possibility of using third party AU & VST plug-ins in Reason;

3. Multitrack audio export. It would be nice if one could choose to export in a DAW format, like Logic / Cubase / etc.

4. Audio recording, editing and manipulation. Here's a big one: Propellerhead could acquire Ableton and incorporate Live 3 into Reason (I'm not kidding and I can help with that, if investment banking skills are required);

5. Improved EQ (more bands pleeeease!) and Delay.

6. Modeled instruments modules. Wouldn?t it be nice to have a specific Rhodes emulation instrument in the rack? Same goes for Organ and other instruments.

7. Mastering tools pleeeease!

8. Notation / Score view.

9. Freeze.

10. Better use of screen real estate (whole screen please)

Hope it helps making V3 the closest possible to the ideal package.

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