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Old 2004-03-20, 14:25
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Hard Drive crash and Ghost to the rescue

This is how it can happen, folks.

I had the indistinct pleasure of watching my laptop get totally airborne last week. It probably does this all time, but I saw this one. It kept on ticking. But a few days later, it croaked. It would POST, but that?s it, just a blinking cursor. Aaaagg! I haven?t backed up in a couple of months!

When I bought new hard drives, knowing my use, I got some IBM microstars, they have the highest G-force shock rating. But notice I said drives-plural. They are identical, and I, and some others around here, do something called ?imaging? your hard drive to back up. This makes the two drives identical, down to the last bit. Then one is stored in a safe place. I use Norton Ghost, but there are other less clunky alternatives-Ghost runs in DOS, and the others are much easier to use, one even running in Windows.

So I installed the second HD as the primary, and the plooked one as secondary. I was hoping that even though the boot section was fried maybe I could still get to the files and just copy and paste them into the good backup (I?ve done this before, long ago). When I booted the old backup and Windows started (remember-identical backup), it automatically ran CHKDSK, which found the bad sectors on the secondary (really the primary) and fixed them. I still ran DickDr on both, just to be safe. I?ve read you should not use DrDisk on Apples, maybe this has been fixed by now. Anyway, I was all ready to lose months of work and copy the back to the prime or just have to use the back if the prime was really kaputz, but it was unnecessary, thankfully. Pop the repaired prime drive back into the prime slot, and I was back in buz last week. No other backup solution would have solved this problem so easily.

Oh yeah, then I imaged that sucker raaaght then. I hate to lose work.

Hard drives fail. It?s a fact of life. They fail on desktops, too, even though they don?t get moved around-or catch air bouncing around! Imaging as your backup system can fix anything, absolutely anything. Even a virus-but you must physically remove the backs to ensure viral protection. Flucking hackers, what?s the point? I will never ever understand people that want to hurt or FORCE their opinion on others. With a viral plague, with a bomb (talk about no excuse is good enough!), with a law, or with words. OK, I can understand one kind, but only between consenting adults, heehee.

Even if my next home system will be quite possibly RAID, it will have a similar solution. That makes it more expensive fer? sure but actually I make decent ducks, even though it may not look that way-temporary problems that have stretched into years. ANYWAY, I have found time and time again, imaging is the ultimate answer. No, the Ocean Is The Untimate Solution. No, I just need more Sleep Dirt! Aaaaaaf!!! Oh Sofa, my Sofa (Bobby (not you, Bobby), I?m sorry your head is like a potato, I really am)!!!


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