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Old 2004-03-22, 14:42
benwalker benwalker is offline
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A "how do I make that noise" question :)

In the matrix (film, not reason device), as Neo gets sucked from the Matrix into the real world (red-pill, blue-pill scene, just as the mirror starts going down his throat), he screams.

and then the scream does some really weird yet incredibly cool effect - like a bit crusher, digital distortion, pitchshifter and god knows what else.

My question is, how would you make this?! Not neccesarily in Reason, but is this some specific effect (like a protools plugin or something), or is it possible to achieve by less specialised effects.

I've noticed it in a few Autechre tracks too (off AE), but am just curious as to how the original would have been done, or whether it's easy to reproduce...

yes I've played around with samplers and effects, but finding it hard to make a start...


riviero @ soundclick

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